We hope our website is able to address most of your queries, but feel free to contact us if you can’t find an answer to your query here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you qualified and registered?
Yes, James is qualified and registered with the Building Commission. James’ registration number is 8067. James supervises and is responsible for his team.

There are brown stains on my ceiling – can I just paint over this?
The short answer is yes, you can. But it will reappear very quickly because you have not addressed the underlying cause of the stain. A special sealer has to be applied prior to painting and the problem (leaky roof etc) must be fixed so it does not reoccur.

I am trying to minimize costs – can I do my own sealing before you paint?
We recommend that you leave it to the experts – that way, we can ensure that you get a top quality finish. The most important part of sealing is making sure that you are using the correct product and that you have 100% coverage.
We will always test your walls for damp before we seal and prepare it for painting. Sealing a wall that is damp will result in a poor quality finish that will need to be repeated very regularly.

Do I have to get you to come back out and touch up the paintwork that you have done if I chip it, or my kids draw on the walls?
We will always leave you with some paint of each colour to do your own touch ups.

My walls are blue. But apparently, there are a lot of ‘blues’. Can you match colours for me, so I don’t have to repaint my whole house?
Yes, James is great at matching colours the old way, but we also have a whiz bang electronic colour matcher that can give us the information we need.

I have a tight or specific timeframe to get the painting done. Can you fit me in?
We try our best to meet your timelines and will squeeze you in where we can. If we are not able to do it in the timeframe you need, we will tell you upfront.

Which suburbs to you service?
We primarily service north of the river, but are happy to come as far north as Leeman and as far south as Mandurah.

I live in a regional area. Are you available to provide a service to me?
We are happy to provide a quote for your work, an approximate timeframe for completion and duration of work for regional areas that are within driving distance of Perth. Please be aware that our quote may include travel costs for our team.

I have bubbling and/or peeling paint on my internal walls and external eaves. Can you fix this?
Yes, we are able to do a full assessment of the damage that has occurred. We may be able to fix it ourselves, or recommend that you seek plumbing or other advice before we repair it. Paint doesn’t stick to wet or damp walls, so we will always tell you if you need repairs prior to our team coming in.